Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Three steps forward and two steps backwards

I’ve hit a bit of a wall. I’ve got a cold. I feel yuck again… Not as bad as I usually would feel without Kalydeco but I certainly don’t feel 100%. I’m coughing up an obscene amount of mucus, my lungs are tight and I’m back to vomiting in the morning… GREAT!
I know it’s just a temporary glitch but it’s a bit of a reality check. I’ve been at uni lectures for the past 14 days every day and more than half the people have had some sort of cold/flu! I guess it was inevitable for me to catch a cold when so many people around me were sick and after all Kalydeco isn’t going to protect me from every living bug know to man!

I spent most of the morning coughing and vomiting into the toilet or bathroom sink because it was so much pressure on my body. I went for a run today and my lungs ached… they feel tight and irritated. I coughed badly most of today and it made me realize how exhausting it is! About 3pm I had to have a nanna nap to let my lungs rest for an hour. I had to sit up because the coughing got worse when I lay down.

I went to the hospital today to get some antibiotics to clear up my chest and did a few blood tests just to see how Kalydeco is affecting my liver function etc. I have my proper appointment with the C.F team and my doctor on July 27.
I’m worrying a lot that it’s going to be a long time until Kalydeco is approved and subsidized by the Australian government...

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