Thursday, May 31, 2012


It's like being handed the rest of your life in 4 small boxes.

I spent the entire day checking my phone to see if the courier company had called to tell me Kalydeco had arrived at Monash Medical Centre pharmacy. When I got the call I jumped into my car and drove to the hospital. When I arrived I felt like I should have been greeted as if I was a celebrity who just stepped into Louis Vuitton to buy an extremely expensive handbag! Instead I walked up to the pharmacy window and spoke to the lady through a tiny slot in the glass protector. When I told the pharmacist I was here to pick up Kalydeco for Alexandrena Parker I saw a little bit of excitement come into her eyes. The pharmacist handed me the 4 boxes in a regular plastic bag, she looked at me as if she was sorry she couldn't offer me a gold plated box to carry them in! I walked to my car and called my mum with excitement. I had to take a picture of myself with the magic pills... it definitely felt like a 'kodak moment'!

I took my first dose at 8pm. It was a bittersweet feeling...I felt like a bit like a drug addict waiting for a 'hit' to kick in, but i just felt the same!

So far I've taken 3 doses- 1 at 8pm last night, 1 this morning and 1 tonight. I'd love to say I feel like a million bucks but to be brutally honest... I just feel the same!! I've had no major changes really at all. Still woke up this morning to a very tight and irritating cough and remained that way for the rest of the day. Still spent half the afternoon on the toilet and still ridiculously exhausted.

Lets hope by tomorrow I have much more to report... STAY TUNED :-)

A.P xxx

                                              Me with my little book of Kalydeco! :-D 29/5/12

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